Investment Portfolio Management

Halman-Aldubi Investment Portfolio Management (2007) Ltd . provides a wide range of financial services to private clients, institutions and companies.

At Halman-Aldubi Investment Portfolio Management, we place special emphasis on providing personal, professional, reliable and discrete service. We operate from the belief that out clients see us not only as professional service providers, but also as full partners in the realization of their financial goals.

Our portfolio managers recognize that the investment needs clients can change: each has different financial objectives, unique risk profiles and diverse investment horizons. The portfolio managers invest a substantial amount of time to personally come to know their clients and offer appropriate investment tracks.

Every client undergoes a classification process which results is a risk level that fits the nature of their investments. This allows us to optimally coordinate expectations with our clients and providing them with tailored-made tactical and strategic plan.

One of the prominent features in the field of portfolio management in Israel is the inherent conflict of interests that exists between the clients’ best interests and those of the investment firm.

At Halman-Aldubi Investment Portfolio Management Ltd., everywhere where there is such a conflict of interests, the client’s benefit is above everything.

Halman Aldubi, Financial Products

So, why should you manage your investment portfolio at Halman-Aldubi?

• There is no conflict of interest within the ownership structure – the investment firm is controlled by shareholders from the field of international banking who are not directly involved in any of the businesses which could create conflicts of interest.
• The company does not manage an active nostro account – thereby precluding any conflicts of interest.
• There is no underwriting department – the company’s clients do not serve as investors in offerings in which the company is a partner.
• There are no mutual funds in the portfolios (aside from specialist funds that offer added value for our clients) – the client receives a transparent investment portfolio and the declared management fees are also the effective management fees.
• Halman-Aldubi Portfolio Management does not take part of the revenues derived from the purchasing or sales of securities.