General Pension Fund (Basic)

General pension fund (basic) is an annuity provident fund for retirement savings only without any insurance component. The fund is entitled to receive a lump sum and funds derived from other allowance provident funds (such as insurance policies).

Halman-Aldubi Comprehensive Pension Fund

This is a pension fund with a mix of investments tailored to each age according to the Chilean model.

A new pension fund is entitled to receive state-designated bonds which are 30% ofaccumulated assets, while the rest of the money is invested in the capital market. As a result, it is necessary to manage investments dynamically in order to achieve two goals:

  1. Great accumulation of assets as is possible.
  2. Protection of the portfolio as the member approaches retirement age.

For this purpose, the fund should try to get the highest yield in all the many years of savings (utilizing the compound interest effect) and keep the accumulated savings as the member approaches retirement.

Investment channels according to age groups prevent the member from having to make changes in their pension savings investments as their age advances.

Halman Aldubi, Financial Products

Halman-Aldubi Old Pension Funds

Old pension funds are pension funds that were founded several decades ago and were mostly controlled by the General Organization of Workers in Israel. These funds have been closed for new members since 1995, and today they exist and are operated only for members who joined until 1995.

Halman-Aldubi manages two old pension funds: the “Magen” Old Pension Fund and the “Lawyers” Old Pension Fund.