Halman-Aldubi Group was established in 1995, specializing in providing medium- and long-term savings products and business services through provident funds, pension funds,investment management for mutual funds, portfolio management products, and alternative investments.

Today, Halman-Aldubi is one of the top privately owned financial institutions in Israel.The group manages and operates about 11 billion US dollars with more than 300,000 private, business, and institutional accounts.

Halman-Aldubi Group is owned by the Hadas Arazim Group (50%), Capernaum Group (25%), and Halman-Aldubi Holdings (25%). Halman-Aldubi has decades of experience under its belt and is led by Mr. Rami Dror with the help of approximately 200 devoted and dedicated employees.

We place special emphasis on providing personal, professional, reliable, and discreet services and act on the belief that our customers see us not just as suppliers of professional services, but rather as full partners in realizing their financial goals. Our vision is to be the preferred investment house to manage your savings in order to fulfill your life’s important moments.


  • Offer of innovative products and financial opportunities in ever-changing global markets.
  • Provision of a stringent due diligence process on all investment products.
  • Provision of a link to expert fund managers that are not normally available in the markets.
  • Earning of client loyalty by committing to the best-of-breed products in all asset classes.
  • Strict attention to competitive investment performance.
  • Professionalism and care in managing investments.



  • Provident and Pension Funds
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Banks (Retail and Nostro Accounts)
  • Single and Multi-Family Offices
  • Corporate Clients
  • High-Net-Worth Individuals



"To be the preferred investment house for managing your savings to fulfill those important moments in your life and to prove, at all times, that we are worthy of the trust that you have placed in us over time."

Halman Aldubi, Who we are


Isaac M. Sutton: Director

Entrepreneur Isaac Sutton is a director at Halman Aldubi investment house.
His successful careers as a stock broker and investment advisor brought to the foundation of Hadas Arazim investment house in Tel Aviv.
Mr. Sutton is also a director of the Infants and Children’s Hospital of Maimonides Medical Center of Brooklyn.
President of the Board of Directors of the American Friends of ALYN Hospital which is based in Jerusalem.
Sutton holds a BA in economics from Brooklyn College.

Halman Aldubi, Uri Aldubi, Chairman

Uri Aldubi: Founder & Chairman

The Chairman of Halman-Aldubi Investment House.
Chairman of the Association of Oil and Gas Exploration Industries in Israel.
Director at Israel Opportunity Oil and Gas Exploration Ltd.
Uri has an Extensive market knowledge consist of over 25 years of experience in investment management, venture capital and private equity. Mr. Aldubi holds a master's degree in business administration, specializing in finance.

Halman Aldubi, Rami Dror, CEO

Rami Dror: CEO

Mr. Dror has over 25 years of institutional experience in the Israeli capital market.
Executive Member in the Israeli investment houses association.
Member of Board of Trustees & Chairman of the Investment Committee of the College of Management.
Among his former positions are: CEO of Migdal Assets and Securities Management, VP at Migdal Capital Markets, CEO of PAI Finance and VP and Chief Investment Officer of Lahak Mutual Funds (Poalim Group). Mr. Dror holds an MBA and BA in Business Management, specializing in Finance.

Halman Aldubi, Rony Halman, Director

Dr. Rony Halman: Founder & Partner

Chairman of both Israel Opportunity Oil and Gas Exploration ltd and C.O Cyprus Opportunity Energy Public Company.
Director at Cyprus Oil and Gas Association
Mr. Halman holds Phd. In Finance , an MBA in financing and accounting, and a BA in mathematics and computer sciences from Tel Aviv University.

Halman Aldubi, Peter Friedman, Capernaum

Peter Friedman: Director & Partner

Mr.Friedman served as Strategic Advisor at iGan Partners and as a Strategic Limited Partner at Hargan Ventures.
Chairman of FGC Holdings Inc. and Steelman Software Solutions. He has been Director of Teltronics Inc, since November 2005 and Brighter Minds Media, Inc.,
Throughout his career, Mr. Friedman was involved in various businesses including consumer products, retail, distribution,steel,rubber,tire,real estate and capital markets around the world and in the IT industry.
Mr. Friedmann holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario in 1972.

Halman Aldubi, Default member image

Yisrael Family: Director & Partner

The Yisrael family is a family of Industrialists based in South America with Investments in Israel & the US, headed by Mr. David Yisrael, one of the heads of the Jewish Community in Venezuela and the founder and President of Industrial Paraiso. Adv. Menachem Yisrael represents the family and is one of the founders of Hadas Arazim Investment House (merged with Halman-Aldubi). He holds an LLB degree from Bar Ilan University and is a member of the Israeli Bar since 1995.